Sarah HathornHi, it’s Sarah Hathorn, CEO of Illustra Consulting and the creator of the Predictable Promotion™ system.

Early in my career, as I watched others get promoted, earn more money, and reach their goals, I was advised to just be satisfied with my status quo. Sound familiar?

But like many of you, I don’t respond well to “no,” especially when my dreams are at stake. I shed a few tears. I curled up on the sofa. I probably ate way too much ice cream for a few miserable nights.

Then I made up my mind to take the reins and become the CEO of my own career destiny. I realized that the only person who can stop you from achieving the success you want is you. I was not going to let that happen! The rest is history. Soon I was rapidly promoted to a powerful Fortune 100 senior executive position. Many of the naysayers who had told me that I wasn’t qualified awoke to find that I was their new boss.

Later I decided it was time share my story, my experience, and my valuable tips and secrets to Predictable Promotion. That’s why I wrote this e-book, with you and your greater success in mind!


Don’t Postpone Life.
Live Your Dream Right Now!


  • Yes, this book will teach you innovative strategies and techniques that I’ve used for more than 30 years to help others achieve their high-flying career dreams.
  • But it will also empower you from within to be the best possible version of yourself. Enjoy greater happiness, a healthier work/life balance, and extraordinary, sustainable success.
  • Don’t you deserve to live a more fulfilled and rewarding lifestyle? Aren’t you tired of treading career water while somebody else lives your dream?
  • The time is now. Create a better life for yourself and your loved ones. Share your unique vision with the world. Leave a lasting signature legacy, doing what you love!


Get the Inside Scoop

Have you been passed over or put in the slow lane but don’t know why? Not a day goes by that I don’t hear from C-suite executives and HR decision makers in major organizations. They consult with me on key issues regarding leadership development and pipeline promotions.

So I know how they think in THIS YEAR’S market and what they look for when awarding promotions. I also know what companies and private investors need to see before they will partner with entrepreneurs.

Let me be clear. What I offer is not armchair advice or untested theory. My fresh approach and experienced blueprint comes directly to you from the trenches, to give you a winning advantage.


See what people that have read the book say:

“I am already successfully applying her visualizations and goal setting tools!”

“I loved this book! Sarah Hathorn has written an immensely practical and useful work roadmap. Through examples from her coaching practice, life experience and a synthesis of relevant research she weaves together a career plan all of us would be wise to follow. I am already successfully applying her visualizations and goal setting tools with myself and my coaching clients. Thank you, Sarah!”

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D. CSP
Author of The Introverted Leader and Quiet Influence


“A Go-To Career Amplification Resource”

“I had high expectations for this book as soon as I found out Sarah had published it, because I have followed her distinguished career as a promotion acceleration coach for years. I was already aware that she has a special gift and wealth of experience to teach people firsthand how to achieve greater career success and personal achievement.

That’s because many years ago I was fortunate to have Sarah as my mentor when we worked for Macy’s Inc., where she served as a senior executive. Throughout my life I have been able to apply her wisdom and expertise and I have observed over and over how she totally amplifies the careers of others like me, throughout the world.

But “Supercharge Your Career Destiny” actually exceeded my expectations because it does exactly what the title promises. Reading it gave me goal-setting principles, mindset strategies, and page after page of proven-in-the-trenches tips, techniques, and advice to put my career growth on the fast track. I highly recommend it, whether you are looking for a book to guide your career or a go-to resource to share with colleagues or employees you are wanting to develop into more valuable human capital assets.”

Trasee Whitaker, SPHR VP/Human Resources
Masonic Homes of Kentucky Inc.


“Inspired to Lead & Selling More!”

“In her book, Supercharge Your Career Destiny, Sarah opens her heart and generously shares her deep well of personal experiences to provide readers with great wisdom. If you are tired of being stuck in neutral and are ready to become the CEO of your career destiny and personal dreams, let this book by your roadmap.

Sarah lives what she says and brings you along on her extraordinary journey to rise to the status of Fortune 100 senior level executive in record time. Just by following the steps she outlines and practicing Sarah’s mindset and visualization tools my sales have significantly increased – and my executive leadership presence is greatly enhanced.

I love this book!”

Anita Ullman
Senior Account Executive
Global Sales-Western Southwest Region
Marriott International


“Sarah teaches you how to plan, visualize, strategize and ultimately gain success!”

“Tackling a career change or promotion in this uncertain chaotic economy? Read Sarah Hathorn’s Super Charge your Career Destiny. Read it, absorb her professional wisdom and do the exercises. Put your life plan on paper, as she guides. Your career will change. Your promotion will happen. As Sarah shares, it happened for her. Early in her career, as a recent college graduate, Sarah intended her career change amid adverse circumstances and created her professional reality. She is a life expert. She built a career in corporate America, during the era of downsizing. Years later, she courageously launched her own business during yet another economic downturn. Sarah teaches you how to plan, visualize, strategize and ultimately gain success. This is a must read and a must do for any aspiring professional.”

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD




So, are YOU ready to step into your power and become the CEO of your career destiny?



Finally, a clear and precise road map details everything you need to know to take charge of your promotional advancement and start living an extraordinarily successful life.


  • These are the same proven concepts used by my private Platinum Level Clients, and the Fortune 500 companies and global entrepreneurs I consult with, coach, and develop.
  • You’ll learn how to add specific in-demand strengths to your professional brand that makes you more marketable. Then discover innovative secrets for selling your value-add.
  • Use advanced mindset management strategies to overcome emotional/psychological roadblocks and gain authentic leadership charisma and authority.


In fact, my husband Marc and I recently deployed these same techniques to TRIPLE our company’s revenues in just 12 MONTHS – despite the recession. Aren’t you ready to experience that kind of accelerated performance? I’m living proof it works in the real world!


Start Putting the “Supercharge Your Career Destiny” System to Work in Your Life and Career NOW!


Here’s a sample of what you’ll receive:



  • Engaging ideas, inspiring real-life examples, and fun hands-on exercises to help you practice and apply these strategies and techniques on your own.
  • Highly effective and efficient steps to implement the Predictable Promotion process for lucrative career advancement in record time.
  • My interactive roadmap for leadership development – the same path currently followed by dozens of highly placed Fortune 500 executives and leading entrepreneurs.
  • More than 140 pages chock-full of leading-edge strategies and information, plus step-by-step tips and secrets to accelerate you into the career dream express lane.
  • Insight into the Predictable Promotion™ mindset that taps into the subconscious mind to overcome internalized obstacles, attract success into your life, and perform under pressure with poise and grace.
  • Multiple concepts for enjoying higher self esteem, remarkable career confidence, and sustainably empowered energy to play your biggest game.
  • Goal-setting strategies that tie every routine behavior to your lifetime dreams, bringing them into clear focus so that you start realizing them now, without delay.
  • Tips for more influential and persuasive leadership skills that positively distinguish you from the competition while inspiring team performance and bottom-line productivity.
  • Nuggets of golden wisdom from sources as diverse as ancient Greek philosophers, modern astronauts and neurologists, and even the team that won the 2012 Super Bowl.



But you don’t have to take my word for it.

See what others have said about working with me through this
innovative and life-changing system:


“As a platinum client I have been working with Sarah over the past year. She is extremely talented. I wish every woman could experience her knowledge because being confident in your presence is a true gift every woman should receive and Sarah helps change female top leaders’ lives. I have loved working with Sarah over this past year and have had great success with her on my journey. If you are looking for a high-level professional coach who provides great value for the investment for your personal and professional growth, a partner who believes in you and makes you think BIG every step of the journey.”

Jo Kirchner, CEO & President, Primrose Schools


“As a Director I worked with Sarah to up-level my professional presence. She shared with me a variety of ways to leverage my personal brand and attributes to communicate with impact, poise and confidence. As a result of working with Sarah I have increased my professional presence and visibility among senior leaders, and understand how to create a visual impact that best represents my position and my personal brand. It was amazing to see how the little things resulted in a big difference using Sarah’s easy step-by-step methods. As a result of this journey I now feel more confident in my overall presence. I highly recommend working with Sarah to create an authentic presence that communicates professionalism, expertise and with impact.”

Sandy Allred, Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness, McKesson


“Sarah Hathorn made me feel six inches taller thanks to a new sense of self confidence after our 1-Day VIP Intensive Session. She listened to my challenges, designed a customized program for me, and gave me a detailed action plan and numerous tips so I could continue to work on professional development on my own. Now I communicate with impact and leverage my three V’s – visible, vocal and valuable – for greater success. I own a strong, confident, and commanding presence that makes all the difference in my career. It was definitely worth my investment.”

Jennie Helderman, Author


“Spending a 1-Day Intensive session with Sarah was absolutely incredible. During several hours of creative brainstorming together she gave me all the image and branding tools that I needed to substantially increase my practice.

Among other things, Sarah did a valuable critique of my marketing, including my website and use of social media, and her perceptions and feedback were right-on. Then she laid out clear steps for me to take to get better results in those areas, while teaching me about the right kinds of branding tools I could use to start seeing a real impact in both my online and offline presence.

Sarah’s strong corporate background and experience with managing hundreds of people in a high profile organization was another huge bonus for me in terms of learning how to develop more cooperative and productive teams. She also showed me some really interesting ways to find and train the best people so I can build my human capital for long-term sustainability.

I highly recommend Sarah and her 1-Day sessions to anyone who wants to get amazing advice on their brand or professional presence, or who wants to know what it’s like to experience very high level coaching and business consulting.”

Dr. Jesse Chai, Ontario, Canada


Supercharge Book

“Supercharge your Career Destiny” is organized into clear, easy to follow sections that build your value-add one powerfully dynamic step at a time:

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you in each content-rich chapter:

A Proven System to Help You Live the Life You Want

Earn a high 6-figure income. Reach the pinnacle in your organization. Start your own entrepreneurial enterprise and grow it into a revenue-generating empire. Live the life you yearn for, on your own terms, starting today!

Remove the Roadblocks, Alleviate the Pain, and Enjoy Your Journey!

Get to the root of the invisible internal obstacles that keep holding you back. Experience your full potential. Embark on a life-changing and career-boosting journey of joy, not pain!

Reaching for Elusive Dreams beyond the Comfort Zone

Learn subconscious neurological techniques to leverage life beyond the comfort zone, vanquish deep-seeded doubts and fears, and achieve astonishing results. Grow in ways you never thought possible!

My First Predictable Promotion™

My boss said I lacked the personality to be a business leader. HR said the promotion I desired was not available to anyone with my background. But I proved them wrong, and so can you, by implementing these steps in your life and career!

Feed Your Fire. Execute Boldly. Live Your Leadership Legacy.

Reframe negative experiences and setbacks into rocket fuel to accelerate your career and blaze your own trail. Go from invisible to memorable in easy-to-implement steps!

Strategic Steps to a Brand New You

Tap into an unbelievable new source of internal power, professional focus, and fiery motivation. Feel fearless and energetic. Resonate with genuine influence and charismatic leadership. Realign yourself to play your biggest game!

Success: Rewarding an extraordinary life.

Put my personal empowering core principles of REWARD (Responsibility, Energy, Work, Awareness, Relationships, Determination, and Success) to work now!

You Can Start Now to Uplevel Your Career and Lead an Extraordinary Life!

Make positivity not just a good idea but a practical, daily habit. Don’t just hope for great results; plan for and expect them. Spot opportunities others don’t even see and capitalize upon them. Your success in life is not random, it’s entirely intentional! 

What You Do Today Determines Your Tomorrow

Become your own radical change agent to live the life you want and deserve starting today, while doing what you are passionate about and love. Don’t just imagine dreams. Start to live them during every waking hour!


See what others have to say about having Sarah share her
Predictable Promotion™ System in their corporate seminars:


“Working with Illustra Consulting has given our people the knowledge and expertise to portray a professional image that clearly communicates our corporate brand. Since Sarah has begun her coaching and workshops, we have seen a significant improvement in our employees’ professional presence. The training is educational, inspiring and empowering!”

Larry Evans, CPA , Managing Member, Dixon Hughes Goodman


“I was impressed with how she engaged the audience in delivering the material and I found her to be very relevant and focused on business messaging through your professional image. She gave quite a few great examples (from photos and brave audience participants) to make her points. It was evident that she had done her research on our organization in advance and her homework paid off. Bottom line – if you are looking for an event – I would highly recommend Sarah.”

Susan O’Farrell, VP Procurement & Asset Management, The Home Depot


“Sarah Hathorn designed two international webinars for Teradata, covering how to elevate your professional presence, and corporate branding in your overall image to include appearance, behavior and communication skills. Sarah’s style and delivery was excellent. She made the presentation interactive and provided valuable content. She created a webinar that was not only information-oriented, but the polling questions kept the audience engaged. I definitely recommend Sarah to international organizations who wish to offer professional development courses on image and brand management.”

Susan Baxley, Director of Community Relations, Teradata Corporation


“I would highly recommend Sarah Hathorn. She was articulate and engaging as a speaker, and very well received by our team. Additionally, Sarah was a pleasure to work with as she developed the specifics of our presentation. She listened intently to the unique needs of our consulting practice and built specific, customized messages to meet our needs. Moreover, she was prompt, decisive and personable throughout the engagement. Sarah was so well received, we anticipate engaging Sarah for some follow-up sessions with other leaders throughout our company.”

Leah Lindgren, MHA, Senior Consultant, Health Dimensions Group


“I have seen many people either be passed over or lose a job simply because of their image. The sad part is that no one ever tells these people that their image is the problem. Sarah Hathorn has a unique ability to address this sensitive issue by providing image consulting in such a positive and constructive manner that it has an immediate affect on people’s lives. Image is important no matter who you are. I highly recommend individuals and companies utilize her expertise.”

Kevin Scherm, On-Site Solutions Director – Weatherford, National Oilwell Varco



can be yours for only $9.99


My Personal “Nothing to Lose Everything to Gain” Guarantee!

I’m fully confident that “Supercharge Your Career Destiny” will show you how to effectively organize your life, experience your dream and career destiny, and put you on the fast track to accelerated success – both personally and professionally.
I’m so confident, in fact, that if you feel less than 100% satisfied with “Supercharge Your Career Destiny,” just contact my team within 60 days of purchase. We’ll give you a full, fast refund; no reason necessary.


So tell me? What have you got to lose?
I’ll tell you what!
Your rare and golden opportunity to reap the rewards of
an extraordinary life
 if you fail to act!






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To your predictable career success,



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